Novidades do dia: 3 conteúdos

Novidades do dia: 3 conteúdos



Climbing Mount Sinai – Full Coverage – In Russian

2019 |Rússia | 31 min | Russo

Sinopse: At Mount Sinai, the meeting point between God and man, the Lord gave Moses the Ten Commandments. In addition, God extraordinarily descended there in response to the cry of His people to free them from all their suffering.

It was in this sacred place that Bishop Macedo and eleven bishops from different countries took the prayer requests of the Church. They cried out in favour of all those who used their supernatural faith and placed their lives on the Altar in search of the wonders of God. Watch the full coverage in this video.



Encounter with God 01/12/19 – England

2019 | Inglaterra | 86 min | Inglês

Sinopse: Many ask themselves, “why is it that I don’t see the promises of the Bible being fulfilled in my life?”. They pray, they fast, and they even take action. But there are key elements that they’re missing; the ability to delight, commit and trust. Find out more in today’s service.


Encounter with God 24/11/19 – England

2019 | Inglaterra| 79 min | Inglês

Sinopse: In the modern day church, we have those who pray and wait for results and others and get results. But what separates one from the other? How do we see results happening in our life’s? Find out in today’s service.

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